Links for plot writing help.

Alright, I was searching through the web for writing tips for a plot, because I’m currently kinda stuck with writing my own for my Roleplay. Anyway, I stumbled across a lot of tips and tricks and decided to make a list of links incase I need them in the future again.

Underneath the cut you will find:

  • Novel/Fiction related writing tips for plots
  • Roleplay related writing tips for plots (some posts are about Roleplay Games too, but have helpful tips/ideas)
  • How To’s by RPH/A/C’s
  • And other Roleplay related Links

Beware, there are a lot of links under the read more.

Novel/Fiction related:

Roleplay related:

How To’s (etc.) by RPC/H/A’s:

Other Helpful Sites:


Please note, there are a hell of a lot of more sites out there, but this post is already long enough and so I’ll stop here. Hope these links are of help for anyone.