Links for character writing help.

My post for plot writing help got reblogged a lot and an anon asked me to do the same for character help, and so I ended up searching for links for character writing help.

Underneath the cut you will find links for:

  • Novel/Fiction related content
  • Archetypes
  • Character Names
  • Character Personality
  • Character Traits
  • Character Quirks
  • Character Flaws
  • Vices and Virtues
  • Character Hobbies
  • Character Jobs
  • Character Goals/Needs/Motivation
  • RPH/C/A’s and Writeblogs How To Write a Biography
  • Questionnaires/Lists/Templates
  • Other Helpful Sites

Beware, there are a lot of links under the read more.

Novel/Fiction related:


Character Names:

Character Personality:

Character Traits:

Character Quirks:

Character Flaws:

Vices and Virtues:

Character Hobbies:

Character Jobs:

Character Goals/Needs/Motivation:

RPH/C/A’s and Writeblogs How To Write a Biography:


Other Helpful Sites:


As always, there are a hell of a lot of pages out there and you can find more of them via google.

Hope these links will be of help.